Our Story

Growing up in an Italian American family, it’s natural to be a lover of food, wine and life! So it makes perfect sense that I wound up in the wine business, combining several of my passions. It started with Mom and Dad. Nobody makes better meatballs than Mom, the bread is always important, and finding the best pizza is a family pastime. And, nothing beats a good Italian market or bakery!

I’ve been a radio personality in the South Florida area for nearly 30 years (www.paulandyoungron.com) and over those years, I’ve befriended numerous chef’s and restaurateurs. I’ve been a part of the South Florida Wine and Food Festival since its inception and food and wine has always been a part of my radio show and personality. We’re all about entertaining, and great wine and food are always big part of that. In fact, that’s how my journey to vineyard owner began, meeting Eros Spinozzi, now a dear friend and an Italian wine exporter, his introduction of my family to the Galasso family of the San Lorenzo winery, and bonding over wine and food in Abruzzo. Then, in what can only be explained as fate, randomly sitting next to Bruce Hunter (President of Shaw Ross wines) on our return flight to the US and him knowing Eros and importing wine from the Galasso family.

After many glasses of wine, quite a few bowls of pasta and a lot of laughs, a partnership was born and now we get to share a little bit of Italy with you. Castronovo Vineyards continues to bring you our passion to share with your family. Our line has expanded to include some new wines, as we all your favorites. Ask for us the next time you’re looking for that perfect touch to complete a beautiful meal.